STEMMONS Hotel Guest Transportation

Hotel Guest Transportation

Hotels will normally provide a transportation service, commonly used for airport transportation. Tracking and management of guest request and trips can cause major delays if managed improperly. Central allows all requests to be acknowledged by an employee and scheduled thus preventing a missed guest pick-up/ drop-off. Drivers may also record arrival and departure times and track the miles driven for their records or future reference. Trip information can be reviewed by managers in order for them to improve their service structure to accommodate guest requests.

User Experience:

  • Hotel guests request shuttle service at Hotel front desk
  • Any incoming guests can call hotel in advance to request pick up service
  • Transportation case is created and assigned to transportation coordinator
  • Coordinator consults Standards for proper trip planning and driver assignment
  • Coordinator assigns trip to hotel shuttle driver
  • If special transport is necessary, coordinator reviews alternate transport companies in their contact database within Entities and books accordingly
  • Drivers record their arrival/departure times along with miles driven within Case
  • Trip information is reported for review by transport managers
  • Upcoming trips can be reported and displayed in hotel lobby

Functional Setup:

  • Transportation case type must be created along with a transportation Hopper with coordinator as manager
  • Instructions for planning guest trips and assigning to drivers must be created and documented in Standards
  • Entity types for alternate transport companies and their contact info must be created and associated
  • Report including driver trip information must be created for review
  • Report to display upcoming scheduled trips must be created and displayed in hotel lobby

Best Practices:

  • During busy times, assign certain shuttle for certain routes, therefore timing each trip becomes easier and can be estimated
  • If shuttles, specifically airport shuttles ar large enough for multiple guests consider planning for carpool if possible to reduce number of trips made
  • Special transport might include, black car service, long range service, or handicap equipped vehicle

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