HR Helpdesk

Employees within a company often have questions or requests for the Human Resources department of their company. A help Desk for the HR department can be set up in central that way all HR related inquiries are directed to a Hopper and assigned to the best person to provide results.

User Experience:

  • Employee with a Human Resource related question or request creates a help desk case which is automatically routed to the HR Hopper
  • HR employee managing the Hopper will assign case accordingly to another HR employee
  • Instructions on how to respond or fulfill request are in Standards
  • If additional action is necessary the HR employee will assign case to respective person in order to accomplish task
  • Request of question gets resolved and case is closed

Functional Setup:

  • HR Hopper must be created along with HR Help Desk case type
  • HR employees must be associated to the HR Hopper by role in departments
  • Instructions and procedures about how to respond to HR related questions and requests must be created and documented in standards

Best Practices:

  • Employee assigned to manage the Hopper should be familiar with which employees in the department are able to resolve certain cases in order to assign the cases accordingly
  • Adding categories within the case will aid in sorting the case type and therefore making assigning of the case an easier process

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