STEMMONS Invoice Processing

Invoice Processing

Receiving and paying invoices is a part of every business that uses a service. The receipt, approval and processing of invoices can be an easily managed tasks by using Central. Invoices are all directed to the appropriate place where they are sent for approval according to set standards and then processed for payment.

User Experience:

  • Whenever an invoice is received by any means it is registered in a case and assigned to the Accounting Hopper
  • Accounting employee takes ownership of case and assigns to manager with approval power, if applicable
  • Manager consults company approval guidelines and approves the invoice for processing
  • Approved case is returned to accounting hopper in order to be processed for payment
  • Documentation such as the paid invoice is stored in Entities or within a 3rd party document manager
  • At any point reports can be run which provide an overview of periodic company spending

Functional Setup:

  • Accounting Hopper must be created and accounting employees assigned to manage it
  • Invoice processing case types must be created
  • Instructions on the invoicing process along with approval thresholds must be documented in Standards
  • Employees must be associated with the accounting hopper in Departments and approval limits set for managers
  • Periodic Spending report must be created
  • Entity type for document storage of invoices must be created

Best Practices:

  • Invoices must include all required information in order to be found if future reference is necessary
  • Proper approval procedure and limits must be set in place to reduce delay in process
  • Report frequency must be selected according to relevant company time period or be able to run at any time
  • Consider more meta data if invoices are to be divided by type of charge

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