STEMMONS Job Management

Job Management

There are many moving parts that are involved during an ongoing job. Ensuring that all necessary action items are being completed on a timely basis involves very organized and well planned kick off of the job. By utilizing Central, job supervisors can initiate jobs knowing that all necessary tasks are assigned to the correct person in charge of them. Furthermore, job supervisors can review real time Job Status reports in order to track progress, make adjustments if necessary and evaluate risks on a very regular basis.

User Experience:

  • Instructions and procedures for capturing any relevant job information and kicking off job are included in Standards
  • Employee captures all relevant job information iun Entities, they will also capture or associate any relevant information about related entities(i.e Customer, Job Site, etc..)
  • Employees that are involved with the Job are associated to the Job Entity via an Entity role relationship
  • Job kick off quest for will be completed, creating all necessary cases for the start of the Job
  • Initial Job cases are assigned to the respective team members that are associated to the particular Job
  • A report can be pulled and reviewed at any time in order to track the progress of all Job related cases

Functional Setup:

  • Instructions and procedure for capturing relevant job information and related Entities must be created and documented in Standards
  • Job Entity type must be created
  • Entity Role relationship must be created and associated to employees involved in Job
  • Any related Entity types must be created and associated to the Job Entity
  • Job cases Kick off Quest form must be created
  • Job Case type must be created
  • Job status report showing all job related cases must be created

Best Practices:

  • Job Entity should be related to other relevant entities, some examples are: Job location, Customer, 3rd party vendors
  • If a contact Entity exists, contacts that are related to the Job may be associated to it by creating a contact role and linking it to the Job
  • Employees that are associated via en entity role relationship will be easily accessible vie the "Assign to" button in within a Job Case.

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