STEMMONS Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Personal items get misplaced within an organization on a regular basis. With employees constantly on the move and utilizing conference rooms throughout the day, things get left behind. Central creates a consolidated area where notifications about lost or found items can be posted to aid int he return of said items.

User Experience:

  • When item is found, employee searches for an existing case about the item being lost
  • If there is not an existing case about item being lost, a case is created describing object, location where it was found and the current location of item to claim
  • If an item is lost, employee searches for existing case about item being found
  • If there is not an existing case about item being found, a case is created describing the item lost, and last location it was in possession
  • If lost and found case is already existing, employee will contact case creator indicating location of item

Functional Setup:

  • Lost and found case type must be created

Best Practices:

  • When a case is created, the creator will be notified if any changes are made to the case
  • If item must be found urgently consider sending out mass communication or CAST case to all employees to keep a look out for item

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