STEMMONS Make Ready Request

Make Ready Request

Whenever a tenant is to take over a property, the management company will ensure that it is delivered in good condition when tenant moves in. This usually involves replacing carpets and painting the walls. By creating a make ready request case the correct people will be able to approve the work to be done and then the work will be assigned to the personnel responsible for carrying it out.

User Experience:

  • Property manager requests approval to begin make ready process by creating a case and inclduing the tenant improvement cost estimate worksheet
  • Case is asigned to leasing coordinator in orde rto review and approve
  • If necessary the case will be assigned to asset manager for approval
  • Once approved the case is assigned to construction to carry out the make ready process
  • If denied, changes are suggested to be made to make ready process and submit for approval again

Functional Setup:

  • Tenant improvement cost estimate must be prepared by construction department
  • Case type for make ready must be created
  • Employees must be associated by their roles and by market areas in Departments

Best Practices:

  • Property managers shoudl revise the tenant improvement cost estimate before submitting request to ensure it is a reasonable request
  • Property managers should ensure that tenant improvement is outlines in the lease agreement before proceeding

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