STEMMONS Marketing Project

Marketing Project

Whenever any marketing material is necessary a request is submitted via a Case to the marketing department. The marketing department will create material using media content previously submitted by other employees or create their own. Once completed the marketing material will be returned to requester attached within the case.

User Experience:

  • Case requesting Marketing material be created is assigned
  • Marketing employee reviews instructions on how to create requested media using previously submitted media content
  • Marketing material is created and delivered to requester via attachment in the case

Functional Setup:

  • Marketing Material Request case type
  • Marketing Hopper must be created and an employee assigned as Hopper manager
  • Entity type for media content must be created along with categories for type of content
  • Instructions on how to create marketing material must be documented in Standards

Best Practices:

  • When requesting marketing material, ensure that request is very specific in order to avoid delay in creation of material
  • If a large project is to be requested, perhaps setting up a meeting with Marketing personnel is beneficial to ensure project idea is understood

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