STEMMONS Missing Documents

Missing Documents

In any process involving multiple document it is important that someone is assigned the task to ensure that all necessary documents are completed and accounted for. If a document has not been created or is missing, a case is created in order for it to be identified or created in order to complete process.

User Experience:

  • Analyst is assigned case to check process documentation for all necessary documents
  • Analyst consults standards for information about necessary documents for process
  • If a document necessary to perform process a case is created in order to acquire necessary document
  • Case is assigned to employee responsible for acquiring document
  • Employee consults standards for the proper procedure necessary to acquire documents
  • Document is added to the rest of the processing documentation and case resolved

Functional Setup:

  • Case type for the document check and acquisition must be created
  • Instructions and procedures to check and acquire necessary documents must be created and documented in Standards

Best Practices:

  • Employees responsible for documentation should consult Standards for required documents while they prepare documentation in order to avoid a missing document in the first place

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