STEMMONS MLS Contract Process

MLS Contract Process

Whenever a new tenant is set to start a new lease there is a process which includes the preparation and signing of their contract as well as the client's information being submitted into the Company's client database. Central will initiate the process and track its productivity all the way from due diligence to the execution of the contract and even the renewal of the lease. The entire process is documented within Central including integrated 3rd party systems that may be used for accounting purposes or storage, therefore enhancing the ability to manage and track productivity.

User Experience:

  • Case is created by agent for contract processing to begin for new client
  • Instructions are consulted on how to proceed with the contract process
  • Client information is entered into the appropriate client database in Entities
  • Client information is also entered into a 2rd party accounting system, if applicable
  • Property ir removed from any listing site it is posted on
  • This information is gathered and used to create and send contract to client for signature
  • Once contract is signed it is stored in Entities and associated with the client or stored in a 3rd party document management software
  • If contract is not signed and returned within a specified time frame, a case is assigned to agent to follow up and acquire signature
  • Periodically reports are run and analyzed in order to check for leases that will expire soon and cases are assigned to agents to notify clients

Functional Setup:

  • MLS case type must be created along with a contract follow up and renewal notification case type
  • Instructions and procedures for the contract process must be created and documented in Standards
  • Entity type for client information and documents must be created and associated
  • Integration with Company's 3rd party systems must be done, if applicable
  • CAST must be configured to create case on a periodic basis
  • Reports displaying lease expiration dates must be created

Best Practices:

  • If possible, it is recommended to maintain all information within Central applications in order to reduce locations of documentation nd information
  • CAST should be configured once a contract is signed and finalized, that way the date for the renewal notice is set
  • Follow up Case for contract signature must be set within a time period where it provides time for agent to acquire signature and submit contract

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