STEMMONS Off-Boarding (General)

Off-Boarding (General)

Whenever an employee, piece of equipment or client need to be removed from the Company system there is multiple things that must be done by various departments in order to successfully off-board that entity. Central allows for the launch and management of those necessary off-boarding tasks. Cases are used to initiate off-boarding requests, Standards defines company off-boarding best practice, Quest launches action items in the form of Cases that need to be carried out to complete the off-boarding process. 

User Experience:

  • Off-boarding Case initiated
  • Case assigned to Supervisor
  • Case includes a link to instructions related to off-boarding Case
  • Supervisor reads the instructions before beginning the process
  • Supervisor launches a new off-boarding Quest form and fills it out
  • Upon completion, Quest creates follow-up tasks on a question-by-question basis
  • Quest form creates a series of Cases based on selected values and assigns them to the appropriate people for them to accomplish

Functional Setup:

  • Create or identify existing Case types to accommodate tasks that are created by the Quest form
  • Create appropriate off-boarding instructions in Standards describing the process
  • Create and configure the off-boarding Quest form with appropriate thresholds for assigning cases

Best Practices:

  • Company accepted procedure for off-boarding should be documented in detail in Standards to ensure that the process is executed in the proper fashion
  • A well prepared Quest form will take into account every aspect of the off-boarding process so that everything gets accomplished
  • Supervisors should add an alert o the case to ensure its completion
  • Follow-up cases must be created in order to correct any issues that may arise during the off-boarding process

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