STEMMONS P- Card Reconciliation

P- Card Reconciliation

Employees who have a company provided credit card for their expenses must report those expenses monthly. This is done by uploading receipts to a third party card management system in order for all purchases to be accounted for and paid. Reminders to complete this process can be CAST out on a regular basis to employees. Likewise, if an employee forgets to do this a secondary call for action will be assigned to them.

User Experience:

  • CAST creates and assigns cases to all employees who hold a company credit card
  • Cases asks that they upload all receipts from the past month's purchases into the card management system
  • Employees consult Standards for instructions and procedure for uploading receipts into system
  • Report is created showing the cases that have been completed and those who have not
  • Manager identifies any changes that are necessary along with those employees who have not completed the task and creates additional reminder cases

Functional Setup:

  • Company card reconciliation case type must be created
  • Employees who have a credit card registered to them must be registered in Entities and associated in Departments
  • Report showing the case status of all assigned must be created
  • Instructions on proper procedure and format must be created and documented in Standards

Best Practices:

  • Ensure proper format and procedure is outlined in order to reduce amount of error when uploading
  • Make sure to allow plenty of time before payment is due for employees to complete case, especially since some employees will not accomplish task until the second reminder

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