STEMMONS Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Prolonging the life of any piece of equipment, big or small, is beneficial to any company. It can have a great impact on the reduction of cost to the company or even more importantly the safety of an employee. Central can be configured to create and assign tasks on a periodic basis requesting that maintenance personnel provide necessary preventative maintenance to pieces of equipment. By doing this, Company's can reduce the chance of a piece of equipment failing due to negligence or oversight.

User Experience:

  • CAST is set to run periodically to create and assign maintenance cases for all equipment
  • Cases are assigned to maintenance technicians to perform required maintenance to equipment
  • Directions and proper procedures for maintenance action can be found in Standards
  • Quest form is used as a checklist to ensure every aspect of the required maintenance service gets accomplished
  • Maintenance done is recorded and reported along with other maintenance history
  • Analysts review reports of maintenance and compare to cases assigned to ensure all maintenance is done
  • Analysts follow up or reassign maintenance cases accordingly

Functional Setup:

  • CAST must be configured to run periodically depending on the type of equipment to be serviced
  • Maintenance case type must be created
  • Instructions and procedure on how to perform maintenance must be documented in Standards
  • Quest form must be configured to encompass all aspects of the maintenance needed
  • Reports must be created to show all maintenance that has been performed and that which is still necessary
  • Maintenance personnel and analysts must be associated to the case type and CAST in Departments

Best Practices:

  • Analyst should have a recurring CAST which ensures that they periodically review the maintenance reports and look for incomplete maintenance
  • All Equipment must be registered into Entities along with the necessary periodic maintenance
  • Equipment that could affect an employees safety should not only have preventative maintenance inspection but also regular safety inspections

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