STEMMONS Project Management Support

Project Management Support

Knowing the status of current tasks that make-up the project timeline become possible by using cases as a method to assign and collaborate on said tasks.  FACTS can be used to look at the status of tasks holistically, or by applying certain filters. 

User Experience:

  • Cases are assigned to project members for each project task based on entity role- relationships.
  • Team members update status based on progression of tasks.
  • Project managers, project sponsors, and other stakeholders can run the Project Specific report to see status of Project Tasks cohesively.
  • Resource leveling best practice is articulated in Standards, along with instructions on hot to leverage the Resource Allocation report
  • Resource allocation report depicts real-time Company Resource Allocation based on skills and availability

Functional Setup:

  • Set up entity types for project work stream and project roles
  • Associate project roles for employees involved according to assigned projects, including start/end date of project and resource allocation %
  • Create case type for project, configuring meta data to pull from entities where applicable
  • Project specific report must be created in order to track project status
  • Instructions on running report and resource leveling procedures and best practices must be documented Standards

Best Practices:

  • Constant monitoring of task progress will ensure projects do not fall behind schedule
  • Proper management of resource allocation will endure that all necessary aspects of the project are being accomplished and nothing gets left undone

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