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Project Management

The key to a successful project is an organized project manager. Central structures all relevant information and activities related to a project in order for all of it to be easily analyzed and reported on. By utilizing Central, a project manager can now expand the number of project that they can manage at one time and save time in identifying a problem in the workflow.

User Experience:

  • Instructions and procedures on how to capture all relevant information about a project is documented in Standards
  • All desired information related to the project must be captured in Entities. These include Company, Opportunity, Project Status, Risks, Issues, and category
  • Project Kick Off quest for is completed in order to launch all initial project cases
  • A project case type is created for any action item related to the project
  • Initial project cases are assigned to respective team members
  • All activity related to the project can be tracked, reported, and analyzed in order for project managers to have an overview of any or all of their projects

Functional Setup:

  • Instructions and procedures for capturing all relevant information must be created and documented in Standards
  • The following entity types must be created: Project, Company, Opportunity, Phase, Workstream, Risks, Project Category
  • All entities must be associated to the Project Entity in order for all information to have a link to the Projects and be displayed in one place
  • Project Kick Off quest form must be created including all action items necessary at the beginning of a project
  • Project Case type must be created
  • Create Issue Case type to manage all Issues associated to the Project
  • Report displaying all relevant project information and activity must be created

Best Practices:

  • Ensure that the project case type includes categories to differ from kick-off tasks and other project activities
  • Project Manager will be able to analyze reports of all project activity and easily identify the opportunities for improvement, thus being able to correct any issue or avoid any risk.
  • Project Manager will be able to view cases by Workstream and Project Phase to manage multiple projects at once

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