STEMMONS Property Project

Property Project

Management of properties constantly involves multiple maintenance requests at a time. This includes repairs to building equipment or the building itself, upkeep of surrounding areas and completing preventative maintenance. All of these maintenance projects are managed and tracked in Stemmons Central in order for operations managers to monitor and ensure all tasks get completed in a timely manner.

User Experience:

  • Case is created for a maintenance issue, this is done either by an inspection Quest form or a Hotel manager noticing a problem while walking around property
  • Case is assigned to Maintenance Hopper
  • Maintenance employees consults instructions on how to proceed with resolving issue
  • Pending maintenance cases can be tracked for progress by maintenance supervisors
  • Supervisors can revise work done or tasks that may require follow up anc create and assign cases as necessary

Functional Setup:

  • Maintenance case type must be created along with Maintenance Hopper
  • Instructions on how to resolve maintenance issues should be created and documented in Standards
  • Report to track pending maintenance cases should be created
  • Employee must be assigned to Maintenance Hopper as manager

Best Practices:

  • Hopper manager should have a clear understanding of the skills needed for each maintenance task in order to assign cases appropriately
  • If a 3rd party service must be hired to resolve maintenance case, approval from manager before hiring should be involved in case

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