STEMMONS Purchasing Order Management

Purchasing Order Management

Companies and their employees are constantly ordering new equipment or office supplies. Management of these order is very important in order to make the most economical decisions when purchasing. Keeping track of current inventory will prevent purchasing a product which is readily avaialble in the company stock. By utilizing Central as a purchase manager, all purchase orders will go through the correct person who will ensure all due diligence is done before proceeding with the order.

User Experience:

  • When an employee needs an office supply, they consult Standards for directions on how to proceed with ordering
  • Case is created requesting office supplies
  • Case is assigned to manager for approval if large quantity or high dollar value
  • Once approved, case is assigned to Office Supply Hopper
  • Procurement checks company inventory within Entities for requested supplies
  • If not available in inventory order is placed for supplies
  • Once supplies arrive, requester is notified within the case to pick up supplies at specified location
  • Upon arrival of supplies, they are recorded within the Company inventory in Entities
  • Recurring inventory check and update cases are created through CAST and assigned to analyst
  • Analyst reviews how to check and update inventory in Standards
  • Reports display the current available Company inventory

Functional Setup:

  • Supply request case type must be created along with the Office supply hopper and the recurring inventory check case type
  • Employees and their managers must be associated in Departments
  • Office Supply Hopper must be created and a manger assigned to it
  • Company inventory entity type must be created within entities
  • CAST must be configured to create case at recurring intervals
  • Instructions on how to request supplies and how to check and update inventory must be created and documented in Standards
  • Report must be created to display available inventory

Best Practices:

  • Checking inventory before ordering avoid supplies being ordered when they were available within the company
  • Inventory check also allows for analyst to notice if any supplies are running low and need to be ordered
  • Inventory categories should be created in Entities, thus allowing easier search for supplies
  • Dollar amount requirements for approval should be included in Standards, so that employees know the minimum amount that must be approved by managers

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