Whenever an employee has a question for another employee emails are usually sent which means they can become forgotten and therefore unanswered. By creating a Question case, Central assigns the questions to a specific person and the task of providing a response is now on their list of things to do. This way questions or requests made from one busy employee to another will always be resolved.

User Experience:

  • Employee created a case including a question or request and assigns to another employee
  • Receiving employee responds to question and assigns case back to inquiring employee
  • If action is needed, instructions can be reviews on how to accomplish request, if necessary
  • Case is closed once request or question is answered

Functional Setup:

  • Question case type must be created
  • Instructions for action requested must be created and documented

Best Practices:

  • Make sure questions and requests are specific in order to receive a quick response
  • Limit simple tasks and questions, for greater tasks a project case must be created

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