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Companies often go through a recruiting process when adding employees to their team. This can get very unorganized because of multiple people and processes involved which in turn leaves information scattered in many locations. Central allows for all the information to reside on one place where all necessary parties can access it and collaborate on the recruiting process. Whether it is job posting, interviewing, or registering the new employee into the company's system, every step is documented accessible at any time.

User Experience:

  • Hiring manager creates case for recruiting process to begin
  • Case is assigned to recruiter to post job
  • Instructions on how to proceed with process are in Standards
  • Applications are received and entities are created for all potential candidates
  • Those selected to interview are interviewed using a Quest form to capture interview results
  • All progress and decisions are documented in the case
  • Hiring manager makes decision on who to hire and sends out offer letter
  • Hiring manager assigns recruiting case to HR Hopper to begin on boarding process
  • HR employee registers new employee into Departments and associates them with their role and manager
  • Their information is entered into the payroll system and documentation is stored within their candidate entity or a 3rd party document storage system

Functional Setup:

  • Recruiting case type must be created
  • HR Hopper must be created
  • Proper recruiting procedures must be created and documented
  • Quest form must be created including all information necessary from candidate during interview
  • Create or identify new employee's role and manager in Departments
  • Create Candidate Entity type
  • Integrate 3rd party systems if necessary

Best Practices:

  • Create a status category within Candidate Entity type to differentiate between rejected candidates and new employees
  • Ensure candidates contact information is gathered on the application or Quest interview
  • Assign Hopper manager to employee familiar with all other employee's capabilities to ensure proper resource allocation

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