STEMMONS Recurring Analysis

Recurring Analysis

Various departments within en enterprise have the constant need for analysis of various types. Whether it is daily, monthly or annual analysis having this information available in a timely manner can be extremely beneficial to a Company. Central simplifies the process of having these reports for analysis readily available by automatically requesting them periodically in accordance to an employees request and assigned to an analyst for review.

User Experience:

  • CAST periodically requests a report be run for analysis
  • Case is assigned to analyst for them to run report and send out to specific employees to whom the report is valuable
  • If report is not created, case is assigned to employee in charge of creating and formatting report.
  • Instructions and guidelines on how to create and format reports are found in Standards
  • Report is published in a folder for future analysis

Functional Setup:

  • CAST must be configured in order to create and assign cases to analysts for recurring reports
  • Case types for creating and running the report must be created
  • A centralized location for the reports to be stored must be designated
  • Instructions and guidelines for creating a report must be created and documented in Standards

Best Practices:

  • The specific people who will receive the report should be included in the CAST case
  • Analyst or any employee who will receive the report should coordinate with report creator about formatting and functionality since they will be reviewing the report on a regular basis.

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