Sign Order

Various companies utilize sign throughout their business. Whether it is a billboard advertisement, a "For Sale" sign, or a bathroom sign these signs must be ordered. Central manages the sign ordering process so that signs are delivered to employee quickly and easy.

User Experience:

  • Employee in need of sign consults directions on how to order
  • Employee looks through available sign design inventory
  • Case is created including details about the sign order 
  • Case is assigned to manager if sign cost is a large amount
  • Approved case is assigned to Sign Order hopper, where Hopper manager will process order
  • Once sign arrives the requester is notified within the case

Functional Setup:

  • Sign Order case type must be created along with the Sign Order Hopper with manager assigned
  • Sign design inventory must be created within Entities
  • Instructions on how to order signs and company standards for manager approval must be created and documented in Standards
  • Manager and employee must be associated in Departments along with spending approval limits set in place

Best Practices:

  • Employees can consult with other employees to see if an older sign can be reused in order to avoid ordering more
  • Employee making request must be very specific on sign order, including dimensions, material, message, and a visual if possible

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