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Software Development

The software development team of any Company is usually the expert of any proprietary software utilized within the Company. Because of this, it essentially makes them the customer service department for any question, issue or concern about the software. Central allows all requests or concerns to be consolidated to one location where the team can then tend to the cases one by one. This also helps to avoid multiple team members receiving the same request and  inefficiently working on the same thing separately.

User Experience:

  • Employee consults Standards for proper procedure to submit request to Development Team
  • Case is created by employee and assigned to Software development Hopper
  • Hopper manager assigns case to team member best fit to resolve
  • Response is documented within case and reassigned to employee
  • Employee acknowledges and closes case

Functional Setup:

  • Instructions on proper request procedure must be created and documented
  • Software development case type must be created
  • Software Development Hopper must be created and a manager assigned to it

Best Practices:

  • Hopper manager should be familiar with team capabilities in order to ensure each case is assigned to the appropriate employee
  • If issue is related to IT more than software development, case should be assigned to IT Help Desk
  • Consider adding category within case in order to facilitate assignment of case within software development team

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