STEMMONS Software Version Management

Software Version Management

Use Entities to catalog software versions and the features under consideration in development. Cases are used to assign development tasks for each feature to a developer. Standards are utilized to define the development process. Additional Cases are used to manage the QA process, including a Quest form.

User Experience:

  • Project manager approved feature is listed in the entity type Feature Development
  • Project manager assigns the software development case to developer to work on specific feature
  • Each case includes a link to instructions related to software development process. These should be consulted before beginning process.
  • Once feature is completed developer assigns case to QA for testing
  • Quest form is used as a QA checklist, whi will launch cases for necessary follow up tasks
  • Finished feature must be registered in within Entities and associated to the Gold Master Version

Functional Setup:

  • Entity type must be created for Software Development, New Features, Gold Master Version and Application Version
  • Establish relationships between software features, application version and gold master version
  • Create or identify existing case types for software development and new feature testing, also any to accommodate tasks created by the quest form
  • Create quest form for each QA, include proper threshold for creation of follow up tasks
  • Create and document appropriate instructions and procedures for the development process

Best Practices:

  • Ensure developer assigned task is the best candidate for the task at hand
  • Proper procedures for QA must be documented in order to ensure features are tested consistently
  • Project manager should closely monitor progress of various feature developments and allocate resources accordingly

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