STEMMONS Sprint Maps

Sprint Maps

Individuals and departments within an organization usually have long term goals set for themselves which usually take months or years to fulfill. More commonly, employees within a Company accomplish several smaller, faster-paced goals in shorter periods of time, these are called Sprints. A sprint, is a set period of time in which specific work has to be completed in order to be reviewed. This idea is based around the concept of “6 tasks in 6 weeks”. The action items that need to be accomplished in order to complete a sprint can be managed and accomplished using Stemmons. Team members can all collaborate within a case in order to work through and complete the sprint.

User Experience:

  • Case is created to kick off and plan the Sprint
  • Employees can consult the definition and proper process for sprint according to the Company’s Standards
  • User will create and assign six action items including sprint name in the tiele of each
  • If there is to be a second phase of the Sprint, one of the 6 initial cases will be the kick off for it
  • CAST job will assign analysis case to analyst every week to track status of sprint cases
  • Analyst runs report and identifies past due cases
  • Analyst sends out cases reminding users to complete their sprint cases
  • CAST periodically assigns case to analysts to identify completions of Sprints
  • Analyst identifies employees who have successfully completed 10 sprints
  • Creates case to have Sprint Master badge awarded to users having successfully completed 10 sprints

Functional Setup:

  • Employees must be associated with their Roles, teams, and other Sprint related aspects
  • Case type for sprint maps must be created, along with other case types that will be associated to the sprint.
  • Documentation of the Company’s definition of Sprint and the process to accomplish them must be created and published in Standards
  • Create instructions for proper reporting procedure
  • Create the report that will be used to track progress on action item completion
  • Create a report that will display successful sprint completion by user
  • Instructions and procedures for proper analysis of reports should be created and documented in Standards

Best Practices:

  • Decide on the 6 most important tasks that must be accomplished in the time frame
  • Weekly reporting of case status will ensure the sprint is on track
  • Proper preparation and planning of sprint is essential for proper execution
  • Sprint tasks must be reasonable so as to be completed within a 6 week period
  • The involvement of a badge system will encourage friendly competition throughout the company

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