STEMMONS Standards Feedback

Standards Feedback

Instructions, procedures and company expectation are among some of the information available within Standards in Stemmons and are the foundation for keeping processes within a company consistent. The standards are published by various employees in different departments, because of this some information may be more difficult to interpret than others. Providing feedback directly to the author of the Standard will allow them to make any necessary changes based on need or comments from their peers.

User Experience:

  • Users provide feedback directly within Standards on specific documentation
  • A CAST runs on a recurring basis and creates a case for analyst to review feedback
  • Analyst reviews the user feedback report and decides which Standards need changes
  • Analyst assigns case to author of Standards that need changes suggesting that some adjustments be made
  • Author makes changes to Standard and republishes them in Standards

Functional Setup:

  • Feedback portal must be configured within Standards, usually a 5 star rating system
  • CAST must be configured to run on a regular basis and assign review case to analyst
  • Report encompassing the Standards and their corresponding feedback must be created
  • Case type for Standards feedback and adjustments must be created
  • Analyst must be associated with the CAST based on role 

Best Practices:

  • Report format should include the standard along with its rating and any feedback that has been provided by a user
  • It is recommended that a consistent format is used for all Standards created and uploaded into Central, this way there is less chance of information not being able to be read or interpreted

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