STEMMONS Unit Availability Process

Unit Availability Process

Whenever a tenant moves out of a property, the management company begins the unit availability process to prepare property for next potential tenant. There are many tasks that must be done by various departments in order for the unit to be available for the following tenant. Central allows for all tasks involved in the process to be organized, managed and tracked so that managers can review the progress of the entire process.

User Experience:

  • Case is created and assigned to Property manager to launch Availability process
  • Quest form is used as a case launcher
  • Cases are assigned to various employees in various departments for them to complete move out tasks
  • Instructions on how to complete every task assigned are provided in Standards
  • Status and progress of all Availability tasks are reported and can be reviewed by property manager
  • Manager can decide if additional action is necessary after reviewing report and follow up cases are created as necessary

Functional Setup:

  • Unit Availability case type must be created
  • Quest form must be created and configured to create and assign various cases as necessary
  • Instructions on how to complete every task assigned must be created and documented in Standards
  • Report to show status of Availability cases and overall project progress must be created
  • Property managers must be associated to the particular property being prepared for future tenants

Best Practices:

  • If any tasks are already completed, ensure that they are unselected in the Quest form in order to avoid creating unnecessary cases
  • Unit availability process should begin on the tenant's move out day
  • Cases to begin construction project should be included in the process, but management of construction projects should be its own process 
  • If tenant leaves property earlier, process should begin at that point if possible

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