STEMMONS Vendor Selection

Vendor Selection

Central is used to manage the standard review process when selecting vendors for a business. This is done by organizing various vendors by category and evaluating each one using consistent criteria. Their individual scores then proceed to a committee like selection process in which decisions are made.

User Experience:

  • Selection process is started with a case being assigned to analyst
  • Analyst reviews instructions on how to begin the review process
  • All potential vendors are organized within entities
  • Quest is used as a checklist for scoring each individual vendor
  • Vendors are selected to move forward in the review process based on their score in the initial quest screening
  • Case is assigned to decision maker(s) to review remaining candidates
  • Standards are reviewed for company's expectations and vendor requirements
  • Reports are run showing the various Quest results of each vendor
  • Decision is made and case assigned back to analyst to update vendors in Entities

Functional Setup:

  • Case type for vendor selection must be created
  • Entity type for potential vendors and approved vendors must be created
  • Quest for used to evaluate potential vendors must be created 
  • Instructions on vendor selection process and company criteria for vendor requirements are to be created and documented in Standards
  • Reports which will display vendor's quest results must be created
  • Managers with decision making authority should be registered within Departments

Best Practices:

  • Vendors within entities should have their status of approved or not approved
  • Reports should include all information relevant to the decision making process
  • Ensure Quest form encompasses all requirements that the company is looking for

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