Stemmons Central combines enterprise data, a configurable business process engine, and a common user interface into one powerful, flexible platform. Central also provides a window into third party and legacy applications, so users can access the information they need all in one place.


Stemmons Central is made up of six highly generic applications designed and based on native behaviors carried out within the workplace.


A Universal Task List that supports the tracking, collaboration, and organization of any task; whether this be a simple work order or a large-scale project.


Keep track of all your things ranging from: physical, conceptual, metadata, system. When you track and call the things by the same title consistently clearer communication and reporting capabilities become possible.


Associate people with things, define a company hierarchy, and easily understand people’s position within the company.


The digital “how-to” manual specific to your company – upload pictures, videos, documents or write in plain text.


Surveys, inspections, checklists, and similar forms which include a list of questions and answers.


FACTS is a collection point for reports and data visualizations that can easily be created using common business intelligence tools. Facts resources can be created in Excel, PowerPivot, PowerBI, SSRS, Tableau, QlikView, or any other visualization tool with basic connectivity features.


Built on the Microsoft Stack in ASP.NET using SQL, Stemmons Central integrates with 3rd party applications, systems of record, legacy systems, and targeted applications, thereby bringing all disparate company data into one place. So, the days of remembering 16 different username and passwords are over with the Stemmons Integration functionality.

Integrations typically take one of these forms:
  • Application provides metadata or information to Central
  • Application consumes metadata or information from Central
  • Application triggers functionality in Central’s Core Applications
  • Application uses Central for login functionality, security, and presentation layer
  • Application receives commands from Central


Examples of applications that have been integrated with Stemmons Central include:


The architecture of Stemmons Central consists of three different layers:
  1. Data Integration Layer: Integrate data from any existing system(s) into Stemmons Central
  2. Functionality Layer: Leverage the functionality of existing system(s) in tandem with the functionality of native Stemmons’ applications
  3. Visualization Layer: Enjoy single sign-on to access all company data, as well as Stemmons Central Application from mobile, SharePoint, or HTML