Once an organization has clean, well-structured information, creating applications for very specific business needs is surprisingly easy. Here are some examples of applications created using readily-available data and a common interface.

A revenue management system that dynamically adjusts inventory prices based on a set of business rules.

Visualize your customers by multiple dimensions.

An application that enables Corporate Chatters to quickly access exactly what they are looking to communicate from a breadth of information. For example, someone may want information on a certain product and within seconds the Corporate Chatter can pull that information from Stemmons and quickly relay the answer to the inquiry.

Automatically push your inventory information to web sites, listing aggregators, and marketing automation platforms. Syndicator handles data translation, so the recipient people and systems get information in a familiar format.

Visualize your company’s organization structure in a variety of formats based on current information.

Create Cases based on business rules, including recurrence and the ability to assign cases based on current roles and measures. Cast allows authorized users to set a case generation job in motion, and have it continue on schedule until stopped.